Using a PowerPoint application,

make a PowerPoint presentation for a sermon

Do you want all believers focus on your sermon?

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Do you know PowerPoint presentation has powerful effective to achieve the purpose? 

According to Gambari, Yusuf,and Balogun' study (2015), the students who were taught by using PowerPoint presentation had high achievement than chalkboard method. In Viakinnou-Brinson and Cole’ study (2011), the result also showed the group with PowerPoint presentation had a better test score immediately.

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Through this course, 

You can make a PowerPoint presentation, 

and your believers will focus on your sermon fully!

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Viakinnou-Brinson, L., & Cole, S. P. (2011). The effect of PowerPoint and nongraphic paired list presentations on the vocabulary production and recognition of elementary-level college French students. The NECTFL Review, 67, 51-67.